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    High temp coated fabric hoses are available in many fabric coinations, such as silicone-coated fiberglass and single-ply neoprene coated polyester fabric. These fabric-based hoses with a ply makes them more applicable for high-temp appliions up to 1200°. Our Flex-Lok collection are examples of these material coinations found in hoses.

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    Masterflex Technical Hoses Limited is a leading UK manufacturer of high tech flexible hose, ducting and connecting systems. Today, our products are in use throughout industry, helping to solve our customer''s many different appliion requirements.

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    100mm Flexible Ducting – 4 inch Flexible Hose. 100mm Flexible Hose. 125mm Flexible Ducting – 5 inch Flexible Hose. 150mm Flexible Ducting – 6 inch Flexible Hose. 200mm Flexible Ducting . 225mm Flexible Ducting 5 Flexible Hose for Dust Collection. 50mm Flexible Ducting – Flexible Hose. 6 Flexible Dust Hose. 75mm Flexible Ducting – 3

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    100mm Flexible Ducting – 4 inch Flexible Hose. 100mm Flexible Hose. 125mm Flexible Ducting – 5 inch Flexible Hose. 150mm Flexible Ducting – 6 inch Flexible Hose. 200mm Flexible Ducting . 225mm Flexible Ducting 5 Flexible Hose for Dust Collection. 50mm Flexible Ducting – Flexible Hose. 6 Flexible Dust Hose. 75mm Flexible Ducting – 3

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    High-Temperature Ducting Hoses Are Listed Below. Flexible High-Temperature Ducting, High-Temperature Hose and High-Temperature Exhaust Hose types, f or temperatures up to 1100°C, are manufactured and supplied by Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd; these high-temperature ducting hoses range from 50mm – 900mm. Masterflex High-Temperature Hoses and High Temp Flexible Duct/s are …

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    High temperature ducting hose is suitable for a variety of air, fume, pollution control, exhaust extraction and ventilation. Products are recommended for industrial air movement and fume control. Conveniente para aplicaciones de manejo de aire con temperaturas altas.

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    High Temperature Ducting for Furnace Suction: T3930-1100 is a High Temperature Ducting for Furnace Suction. It is flexible, resistant to high temperatures, partially kink resistant and mechanically bonded. This exhaust gas ducting is reinforced with a woven in stainless steel thread. Temperature range: -20°C +1100°C

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    4 in. x 25 ft. Flexible Foil Duct This 4 in. x 25 ft. Dryer Vent Duct is ideal This 4 in. x 25 ft. Dryer Vent Duct is ideal for both gas and electric dryer appliion. It is constructed of heavy-duty, fire resistant, 4-ply aluminum foil laminate that encapsulates a high density, corrosion resistant wire helix.

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    Thermoplastic rubber ducting can even withstand chemical exposure and high temperatures without compromising its strength or flexibility. Though other ducting materials demonstrate stronger chemical and temperature resistances, no other material offers the same wide range of physical resistances that are found in the rubber hose.

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    High-Temperature Flexible Duct Hose for Fumes Coining the heat resistance of metal with the flexibility of fabric, this fiberglass hose has a special coating that stands up to high temperatures.

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    The heat and high temperature resistant duct is 10” in diameter and has a length of 16 feet. It can endure a temperature range of -22°F up to 660°F. Function The high temperature flexible duct is made for use with an industrial hot air blower and allows …

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    Temperature +150°C to 310°C Uni V2 (Neoprene coated glass fabric duct for hot air up to 150°C) and Uni V9 (silicone coated glass hot air ducting up to 310°C) in a plastic dehumidifier. Photo shows: Air supply cupboard, NTC silicone last minimum 01 years in the appliion.

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    Masterflex Technical Hoses Ltd is a leading UK manufacturer of high tech flexible polyurethane hose, PU ducting and connecting systems. With our products, which are in use throughout the industry, we help solve our customers’ their appliion requirements. We also design and manufacture products for customers’ specific needs.

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    NTC Ducting is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of flexible, industrial, military, sewn and high temperature ducting along with silicone hoses amongst many other ducting supplies and accessories.

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    Ezi-Flex "Hi Temp Flex" is a very durable and flexible product that is suitable for the removal of high temperature fumes, smoke and gasses from vehicles, generators, ovens, foundries and many other high temperature flexible ducting appliions. Ezi-Flex "Hi Temp Flex" is constructed from a silicon coated fibreglass fabric with a galvanised

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    The Flex-Flyte® L-9 is a two-ply silicone coated fiberglass hose. Standard for high temp airflow, light powder and dust & fume removal. Standard duct for high temperature air flow and fume removal; Made of 20 gauge steel, a hose splice/hose connector can have a hose or duct banded to either side of it, allowing multiple shorter lengths

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    Industrial ventilation hoses with high temperature resistance 140°C ÷ 1100°C. Ventilation flexible hoses for high temperature and low pressure. Suction and ventilation of hot air, hot gases, smoke. Metal hoses and hoses from technical fabrics. Hoses used in aviation industry, aerospace industry, general engineering, automotive industry.

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    At Flexaust, we provide a broad selection of durable and reliable flexible hose solutions ideal for use in chemical fume extraction, dust collection, material handling, ventilation, and high-temperature appliions. We manufacture flexible hoses made from a variety of materials.

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    High Temperature Flex Ducting Hose From Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd. 2018-10-10. Ecoosi high temperature flex ducting hose is designed to transfer the heat of the equipment. Without the flexible high temperature ventilation duct hose, extreme high temperatures can cause permanent damage to flex duct hose, ventilation systems.

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    Flexible Duct Hoses Flexible ducting hoses are used commonly to convey air, fumes, chemical vapours and abrasive material in a wide range of industries. FLEXAUST AWP‐W - High Temperature UL listed Blower Hose. Brand Flexaust Work Pressure 0.0 to 0.2 bar/ 0.50 to 3.00 psi Min & Max Temp ‐20°F to 325°F (‐29°C to 163°C)

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    abrasion resistant suction hose + pressure hose, multi purpose hose + universal hose; antistatic ; 10⁹ ; wall thickness 0,4mm-40°C to +90°C (+125°C)

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    TWO LAYER EXTREME TEMPERATURE HOSE UP TO +1200°F IDEAL FOR DIESEL VEHICLE EXHAUST AND ENGINE DYNAMOMETERS. Hose wall material: Double layer, heat resistant glass fabric, high temp fabric w/woven in stainless steel wire Spiral material: Galvanized steel

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    ZAOJIAO Home Brewing and Winemaking Silicone Tubing, 10mm(3/8 inch) ID x 13mm(1/2 inch) OD, 10 ft, High Temp Food Grade Tube, Flexible Hose Pipe with Stainless Worm Gear Hose Clamps. 4.5 out of 5 stars 309. $10.99 $ 10. 99. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov …

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    Ecoosi flexible silicone ducting hose high temp brake duct hose is ideal for brake cooling, this silicone flexible ducting hose direct air from front mounted air ducts to spindle ducts for brake cooling. Ecoosi offers a wide range of clamped high temperature ducting hoses designed for long-term use and durable at high temperatures. 2019-06-11

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    High Temperature Hose (High Temperature Ducting) manufactured from a range of special high temperature coated fabrics. Master Clip Iso Silicone High Temperature Hose flexible ducting, Two ply Silicone/glass fabric ducting, external galvanised steel helix. +300ºC (Intermittent +350ºC)

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    Ecoosi clamped profile hose high temperature ducting is a high temp duct could handle working temperatue resistant to 400°C, a short time can handle about +450 °C. This flexible ducting hose is ideal used for hot and cold gases and for dust, powder, fibers, high temperature extraction: oven, foundry, furnace, smelting, ceramics industry

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    High temperature silicone flexible hose - This double layer flexible silicone hose is suited for use with hose and cold gases and has a large temperature range of -70°C to 260°C. Metal flexible ducting - This galvanised steel ducting has a high tensile strength & strong resistance to crushing. It is well suited to absorbing vibration, thermal expansion & noise attenuation, ducting of smoke & fumes & dry bulk …

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    The grey reinforced ducting is manufactured for the HVAC market and industrial purposes. It is suitable for all normal ventilation and air conditioning systems, including high pressure, and successfully withstands constant bending or flexing. Technical Data. Temperature Range: From -10° C to +75° C.. Working Pressure: Maximum 3000 Pa. Colour

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    Order Ref: VUL-SIZE MMTube: 1 Ply Silicone Glass FibreReinforcement: Bronze Plated Steel Wire HelixAppliion: A flexible light ducting for all high temperature low pressure appliionsTemperature: -80C to + 310CColour: RedMaximum Length: 4 Metres

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    NovaFlex Group - Specializing in Flexible Hoses, Fabric Ducting, Extruded Thermo Plastic Hose, Composite Hose, Quick Disconnect Dry Break Couplings, Venting, and Chimney Liners.